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Novarials Corporation, a leading nanowire technology builder headquartered in Woburn, MA, has a technical leadership on the large
scale and cost effective manufacturing of high-quality and precisely-engineered one-dimensional nanomaterials including ceramic
nanowires, metallic nanowires, etc. Our products include
TiO2 nanowires, TiO2 nanotubes, TiO2 nanosheets, Al2O3 nanowires, ZnO
nanowires, MgO nanowires, MoO
3 nanowires, WO3 nanowires, V2O5 nanowires, MnO2 nanowires, Ni nanowires, Cu nanowires, Co
nanoiwres and Fe nanowires.

Using these unprecedented nanomaterials as basic building blocks, Novarials has developed revolutionary platform technologies
including porous sheet membranes, multi-functional coatings, and nanowire composites etc. Our flagship platform technology is
Bendable Ceramic Paper Membranes. These ceramic paper membranes, made of pure ceramic materials but still bendable/flexible,
have significant potentials as high performance filtration and separation membranes and battery/supercapacitor/fuel cell separators
in energy industry, chemical, gas and oil industries, pharmaceutical and biotech industries, as well as environmental remediation and

Novarials is proud to be the awardee of a NSF SBIR Phase I and a NSF SBIR Phase II. These invaluable financial supports gave us
significant boost to building our technology advantages.

Novarials is offering our ceramic nanowires for R&D use, please check our
products. All nanowire products are offered for R&D use,
and some nanowire products are offered to industry partners with a very cost effective price, please send us an
email if you have
such a need.

Novarials is offering our proprietary technologies for licensing. Please check our
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