Leveraging our extensive expertise on the preparation of one dimensional nanomaterials through
hydrothermal growth, solution preparation and chemical vapor deposition (CVD),  Novarials has
developed cost effective proprietary procedures using low cost raw materials and simple solution
based procedure for making one-dimensional nanomaterials at kilogram scale currently. These novel
one-dimensional nanomaterials are expected to be basic building blocks for a variety of revolutionary
products and devices, and their proprietary preparation procedures are easily to be scaled up.  

Novarials is offering small samples of our one-dimensional nanomaterials for R&D use, since the
application potentials of these novel materials are tremendous. If you are interested in using them at
large scale, the nanowire price will be significantly low.
Ceramic Nanowires
  • Copper hydroxide nanowires
Semiconducting Nanowires
  • Copper oxide nanowires
Metallic Nanowires
  • Cobalt nanowires
  • Gold nanowires
Compound Nanowires
Coating and Membrane Grade Nanowires
Conductive Inks and Pastes
Ceramic Nanotubes
Carbon Nanotubes
Nanowire Membranes
Li-ion Battery Cathode Materials
Other Nanostructures
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Novarials Nanowires and Nanowire Membranes Demo Corner
Kilogram production scale
10+ nanowire membranes
24+ inorganic nanowires