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Lithium cobalt oxide(high voltage type)-S-4.48V



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1. Lithium cobaltate, single crystal structure, with high gram capacity, surface modification coating, suitable for >4.45v high voltage, large and small particle mixing, high compaction density and other characteristics, and good cycling performance
2. Good processing performance, commercial mass production products, stable quality
3. Widely used in smart phones, bracelets, tablets and other high energy density products
4. Convenient for soft bag, buckle research

Packaging, transportation, storage
1. Storage conditions: sealed at room temperature
2. Shelf life: 2 years from the production date

Product description, suggestions
The electrochemical performance test data are for reference only, and the results vary due to different test methods.
1. High voltage lithium cobalt oxide due to the size of the particle collocation, high compaction density, so the rolling process needs to increase the pressure
2. When high-voltage lithium cobaltate is used in high-voltage applications, it is necessary to pay attention to the matching use of electrolyte to prevent the problem of high voltage instability

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