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Lithium cobalt oxide(rate type)-C



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1.MA-EN-CA-0R lithium cobaltate, single crystal structure, has the characteristics of small particle size and large specific surface area, which is convenient for lithium ion to be quickly embedded and exited, so the magnification performance is excellent, and the cycle performance is good
2. Good processing performance, commercial mass production products, stable quality
3. Widely used in unmanned aerial vehicle, electronic cigarettes and other high-rate products
4. Convenient for soft bag, buckle research

Specification parameter
Gram volume:142mAh/g
Gram capacity power-off test conditions:25℃ 0.1C 3.0~4.2V
Specific surface area:0.39m²/g
Tap density:2.29g/cm³

Packaging, transportation, storage
1. Storage conditions: sealed at room temperature
2. Shelf life: 2 years from the production date

Product description, suggestions
1. Due to the small particle size and large specific surface area of the material, more conductive agents and adhesives are required to ensure a good electron transport network than the positive electrode formula of ordinary lithium cobaltate
2. Due to the small particle size of the material, the compaction density of the polar sheet is 0.3~0.5g/cc lower than that of conventional lithium cobaltate

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