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1. Ternary high nickel material (polycrystalline particles), with high gram capacity, high first efficiency, high energy density advantages
2. Commercial mass production products, good quality, stable quality
3. Used in power tools, electric vehicles and other products
4. Suitable for soft bag, buckle research
5. Because a large number of low-cost manganese and nickel are used in the material to replace cobalt, which is lacking in resources and has a higher price, the cost of the material will be significantly lower than that of lithium cobaltate.
6. Theoretical specific capacity 278mAh/g

Physical property
Element:Li 7.37wt%,Ni 88.51mol%,Co 9.83mol%,Al 1.67mol%,Fe 0.0000wt%,Cr 0.0003wt%,S 0.0187wt%,Cu 0.0000wt%,Zn 0.0002wt%,Na 0.0018wt%,Ca 0.0053wt%,Mg 0.0003wt%
Magnetic foreign body(Fe+1.5Cr+Zn):19ppb
Initial discharge capacity:200.5mAh/g
First discharge efficiency:88.2%
Apparent Density:1.48g/cm3
Tap Density:2.90g/cm3
Specific surface area:0.4599m²/g
Particle Size Distribution:D10 4.26um,D50 11.93um,D90 18.75um,Dmax 27.34um,Dmin 1.29um
Crystal Configuration:OK
Micro morphology:OK
Appearance:Black Powder,the colour is even,no lump,no impuripy

Packaging, transportation, storage
1. Storage conditions: vacuum sealed at room temperature
2. Shelf life: 1 year from the production date

Product description, suggestions
1. High nickel materials are alkaline and need to pay attention to storage conditions to prevent irreversible capacity loss of materials
2. High nickel materials have high requirements for the manufacturing environment, and the humidity of the entire production environment needs to be strictly controlled
3. The stability of the high nickel material slurry is more than the conventional ternary difference, and the formula needs to be optimized

NCA high nickel material is one of the cathode materials to achieve the high energy density target of 300Wh/kg

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