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NCM811 precursor-A



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1.NCM811 precursor is a commercial mass production product with good quality and stable quality
2. Widely used in major mainstream positive material factories
3. Suitable for universities and scientific research institutions to conduct material doping and coating research
4. This product, Ni0.83Co0.11Mn0.06(OH)2, is a single crystal product

Physical property

Particle Size:Dmin 0.463um,D10 2.510um,D50 3.918um,D90 5.812um,Dmax 8.057um
Surface Area:18.17m2/g
Tap Density: 1.71g/cm3
Apparent Density: 1.16g/cm3
Main content:
Me(wt) 62.19%,Ni 51.81%,Co 6.89%,Mn 3.49%,Ni 83.04,Co 10.99,Mn 5.97

Additional information