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Silicon carbon anode(950)



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Product description: This material is silicon oxygen

Features: Super high capacity
Scope of application: Ultra-high capacity batteries (especially suitable for cylindrical batteries)
Application field: 3C special field

Particle Size:Dv10 4.3um,Dv50 7.4um,Dv90 12.5um,Dv99 17.0um,Dn10 2.9um
Discharge Capacity: 957.1mAh/g
Tap Density: 0.99g/cm3
Surface Area:1.13m2/g
First Discharge Efficiency: 81.3%

Physical property

Trace element(ppm):
S 0.33, Zn 0.04, Co 0.00, Ni 1.30, Mn 3.99, Fe 10.31, Cr 1.49, Mg 7.96, Ca 0.00, Cu 1.39, Al 0.00, Na 16.85, K 60.92

Packaging, transportation, storage

1. Storage conditions: sealed at room temperature
2. Shelf life: 2 years from the production date

Product description, suggestions

1) 0.5%~2% of CNT can be added to the negative electrode formula, which helps the cycle performance
2) The increase of electrolyte additives, the amount used is double that of the electrolyte additive used in the graphite negative electrode, which helps to improve the problem of poor SEI film of silicon negative electrode
3) The use of special adhesives for silicon carbon materials (such as PAA series of adhesives) will effectively improve the electrochemical performance of the material (such as cycle performance, etc.)

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