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Silicon monoxide 1600



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The product is carbon coated

Particle Size:D10 3.04um,D50 5.01um,D90 8.20um,Dmax 12.8um
Reversible Capacity: 1630mAh/g
Tap Density: 1.10g/cm3
Surface Area:1.78m2/g
First Efficiency: 78.0%

Electrode composition:
Active substance: 70%; SP: 20%; CMC: 10%

Test conditions:
1) Rate discharge (0.1C, 0.005V); 2) Rate discharge (0.05C, 0.005V);

3) rate discharge (0.02C, 0.005V); 4) Constant current charging (0.1C, 2.000V)

Product description, suggestions

The silicon monoxide (1600) surface is carbon coated with CVD

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