Return Policy
Novarials Corporation endeavors to provide the best possible materials to our customers.  Our commitment is to meet or exceed
the specifications we provide for each product.  If a product can be shown not to meet the specifications, we will replace it with a
product that does meet the specifications, or at our discretion, refund the cost of the materials to the original purchaser.  Novarials
will not accept returns without prior authorization.  No returns will be accepted for customized products; the burden of usability is
on the specifier.  Novarials may, at its discretion, enter into a contractual agreement with a purchaser for the purpose of
guaranteeing that the specifications of a customized product are defined and satisfied.  The terms of any such agreement will
supersede this policy.

These Return Policy terms may be changed by Novarials at any time and will be posted on the website found at
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