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Ceramic nanowires are ultra-thin, filament-like structures with nanoscale diameters (1 to 100 nanometers) and lengths that extend to several micrometers or more. Composed of inorganic, non-metallic solids, these nanowires exhibit unique properties derived from their tiny dimensions and the inherent characteristics of ceramic materials. Notable for their high thermal and chemical stability, mechanical strength, and electrical insulation, these nanowires also possess high aspect ratios and high surface areas. In particular, their tiny size and high aspect ratio endow ceramic nanowires with unique properties, such as enhanced flexibility. These unique properties make them highly valuable in various applications. Ceramic nanowires are widely used in composites, sensors, catalysis, energy storage, filtration, solar cells, and drug delivery. They also serve as foundational elements for building nanoscale electronic and photonic devices. Novarials offers an extensive range of ceramic nanowire products, including aluminum oxide nanowires, hydroxylapatite (HAP) nanowires, iron oxyhydroxide nanowires, iron oxide nanowires, La2O3 nanowires, magnesium oxide nanowires, manganese oxide nanowires, molybdenum oxide nanowires, nickel hydroxide nanowires, nickel oxide nanowires, silica nanowires, silicon carbide nanowires, titanium oxide nanowires, etc.



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