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Cellulose Nanocrystals (CNCs)



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Derived from cellulose fibers, cellulose nanocrystals (CNCs) are characterized by their rod-like shape and nanometric dimensions, typically measuring 3 to 50 nanometers in diameter and reaching several micrometers in length. Possessing a nearly perfect crystalline structure and a high surface area, cellulose nanocrystals exhibit exceptional mechanical, chemical, optical, and rheological properties, alongside being lightweight and biodegradable. These distinctive attributes make them highly adaptable for diverse applications.

Catalog Number: NovaWire-CNC-S
Diameter: ~10nm
Length: ~120nm
Concentration: ~12wt% solid in water
Sulfate group: 0.3mmol/g
translucent gel


In the biomedical field, cellulose nanocrystals play a pivotal role by facilitating groundbreaking advancements in drug delivery systems, bioimaging techniques, and the development of scaffolds for tissue engineering. Within materials science, these CNC nanocrystals serve as crucial reinforcing agents in nanocomposites, enhancing both mechanical strength and barrier properties, which is especially beneficial for packaging applications. Additionally, their contribution to environmental remediation is remarkable; they play a crucial role in enhancing water purification processes and oil spill cleanups. The renewable and environmentally friendly attributes of cellulose nanocrystals have solidified their status as a favored choice in various industries, ranging from electronics to the field of green catalysis.


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