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Composite Aluminum Current Collector for Battery

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The composite aluminum current collector represents a significant advancement in battery technology, addressing two crucial issues: energy density and safety concerns. This innovative collector distinguishes itself from its conventional counterparts by incorporating a “metal-polymer-metal” triple-layered composite structure. At its heart is an exceptionally lightweight polymer film, approximately 6 μm thick, consisting of materials such as polyethylene terephthalate (PET), polypropylene (PP), and polyimide (PI). This polymer core is flanked by two ultra-thin aluminum layers, each about 1 μm thick. By combining the benefits of lightweight construction with enhanced safety features and superior performance, the composite aluminum current collector emerges as an essential component for the next generation of high-energy, high-safety lithium-ion batteries.

Catalog Number: NovaLIB-Al-PET, NovaLIB-Al-PP, or NovaLIB-Al-PI


The Composite Aluminum Current Collectors offer several benefits compared to conventional current collectors, including:

  • A weight reduction of approximately 40%, enhancing the overall efficiency and portability of devices.
  • Increased safety, attributed to smaller burrs if generated, which reduces the risk of short circuits and improves operational stability.
  • A reduction in production costs by about 30%, making the manufacturing process more economical without compromising on quality.
  • An improvement in the energy density of the entire battery by approximately 4%, leading to higher performance.


The Composite Aluminum Current Collectors are poised for widespread use in a variety of sectors, serving as:

  • The cathode current collector in lithium-ion batteries, lithium metal batteries, and lithium sulfur batteries, where they enhance energy output and safety.
  • Both anode and cathode current collectors in sodium rechargeable batteries, facilitating efficient energy storage and release.
  • Suitable for use in liquid rechargeable batteries, semi-solid rechargeable batteries, and solid-state rechargeable batteries, demonstrating their versatility across different types of battery technologies.

Industry-scale product, available in various lengths and widths.


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