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High Pressure Homogenizer WG

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The High-Pressure Homogenizer represents a cutting-edge solution, perfectly tailored for a variety of applications requiring efficient and reliable homogenization. This equipment combines efficient homogenization, simple operation, and high-pressure durability, making it ideally suited to meet the diverse and challenging needs of various sectors. Positioned as a superior choice for professionals valuing efficiency, durability, and advanced functionality, it meets a wide range of uses and offers significant advantages. With its wide-ranging application potential and distinct advantages over competitors, it provides an innovative option for laboratories, research centers, and manufacturing facilities dedicated to pioneering innovation.

Catalog Number: NovaEP-HPH-WG1612 or NovaEP-HPH-WG1640
Max Pressure: 1600bar
Flow Rate: 12L/h or 40L/h (adjustable)
Minimum Processing Volume: 10ml or 50ml


  • Efficient homogenization: Ensures thorough and uniform mixing of components, even at a microscopic level, making it ideal for complex formulations.
  • Simple operation: Designed with the user in mind, its operation is straightforward, minimizing training time and maximizing productivity.
  • High pressure durability: Built to withstand and operate under high pressures, ensuring longevity and consistent performance under demanding conditions.


This versatile homogenizer finds its applications in a broad spectrum of fields, including but not limited to:

  • Dispersion of carbon materials, graphene exfoliation, and preparation of carbon nanotube pastes.
  • Disruption of cells, production of liposomal drugs, and advancements in biological fermentation.
  • Preparation of enzyme solutions, extraction of proteins, and processing of nanocellulose.
  • Production of IVD latex microspheres, cosmetic liposomes, and microcapsule encapsulation.
  • Development of nanoparticle materials, chip polishing materials, and more.


Compared to its competitors, this High-Pressure Homogenizer boasts significant enhancements that set it apart:

  • Servo motor drive: Enables high-voltage direct start-up of the equipment, reducing the necessity for frequent manual adjustments of the pressure handle.
  • Temperature monitoring: Comes standard-equipped with a discharge temperature monitoring display, ensuring operational safety and product quality.
  • Temperature control and cooling: Features temperature control and cooling functions for discharge, maintaining product integrity and extending machine life.
  • Compact and portable design: As a desktop device, it boasts a smaller footprint, offering unparalleled convenience and space efficiency.
  • Plunger position control: Reduces feed blockages significantly, minimizing the instances of discharge issues post-air entry and eliminating the need for repeated disassembly for venting.