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KIT-6 is a specialized mesoporous silica material characterized by its unique three-dimensional cubic Ia3d structure. It is produced through a sol-gel process, utilizing triblock copolymers as the structure-directing agents. This method yields a material with a highly ordered pore structure, large and accessible pores, a significant surface area, and a robust framework. These characteristics make KIT-6 extremely valuable for a variety of applications in both scientific research and industry.

Catalog Number: NovaMS-KIT-6
Pore size: 7-8nm
Particle size: ~100µm
Surface area: >600m2/g
dry white powder


KIT-6 is widely utilized across various scientific and industrial fields. Here are some of the key applications:

  • Catalysis: The highly ordered mesoporous structure of KIT-6 facilitates the easy diffusion of reactants and products during catalytic processes, making it an excellent support material for catalysts. It is widely used in heterogeneous catalysis, including hydrocracking, hydrodesulfurization, and the synthesis of fine chemicals. The material can also be modified to incorporate different catalytic sites, enhancing its versatility for various reactions, particularly in the petrochemical industry.
  • Adsorption: KIT-6 is highly effective in adsorption applications due to its large surface area and pore volume. It is exceptionally effective at removing a broad spectrum of pollutants and contaminants from both air and water, including heavy metals and organic compounds. Additionally, its superior adsorption capabilities make it suitable for gas storage applications, such as hydrogen and carbon dioxide capture. This versatility underscores its importance in the environmental management and energy sectors.
  • Drug Delivery: The mesoporous structure of KIT-6 enables the loading and release of therapeutic agents in a controlled manner, making it an excellent candidate for drug delivery systems. Its biocompatibility and modifiability also make it well-suited for targeted drug delivery systems.
  • Template Synthesis: KIT-6 is particularly valuable as a template for synthesizing a variety of mesoporous materials, including carbon, metals, and metal oxides. The inherent mesostructure of KIT-6 facilitates the creation of these materials with specific pore architectures and sizes, which are critical for their performance in various applications.

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