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Single-Walled Carbon Nanotubes SC



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The single-walled carbon nanotubes SC, characterized by their high purity and extended length, are superior conductive additives for the silicon-based anodes of high-energy lithium rechargeable batteries. This significantly enhances the batteries’ cycle life and ensures greater safety.

Purified SWNTs SC
Catalog Number: NovaSWNT-SC-P
Diameter: ~1.6nm
Length: >100µm
SWNT content: ~98.5wt%
G/D ratio: >50
Surface area: 400-800m2/g
Metal content: Fe: <2000ppm; Ni: <350ppm
Appearance: black powder

Unpurified SWNTs SC
Catalog Number: NovaSWNT-SC
Diameter: ~1.6nm
Length: >100µm
SWNT content: >80wt%
G/D ratio: >50
Surface area: 300-700m2/g
Metal content: <15wt%
Appearance: black powder

Industry scale product.


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