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Silver Nanowire Membranes A50



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Catalog Number: NovaWire-Ag-MEM-A50

The silver nanowire membranes are made of pure silver nanowires with a diameter of 50nm. They have a disk shape with a diameter of 25mm and a thickness 20 micron. Other sizes and thicknesses can be custom-synthesized, too.

These silver nanowire membranes can be used in a variety of filtration application due to their high chemical and high temperature stability. They also allow the trapping of nanoparticles and biomaterials including viruses. The high electrical conductivity of these membranes may also allow the direct SEM observation of biospecies without metal coating, which not only simplifies the SEM observation process, but also eliminates the artifacts caused by metal coating during the SEM observation.


  • Filtration and separation
  • Porous and conductive substrate for biospecies
  • Virus removal
  • SEM sample holder for biospecies due to its conductivity
  • Embedded conductive network for various sensors such as pressure sensors, strain sensors, and twisting sensors
  • Artificial skin fabrication
  • Superior EMI shielding


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