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Vapor-Grown Carbon Fibers (VGCFs)



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Vapor-grown carbon fibers (VGCFs), also known as vapor-grown carbon nanofibers (VGCNFs), are a type of carbon fiber produced through a vapor phase growth process. These carbon fibers are renowned for their high aspect ratios, excellent electrical conductivity, high thermal conductivity, outstanding mechanical properties, and good chemical stability, making them suitable for a variety of advanced applications. VGCFs are commonly used in composite materials, energy storage devices, and thermal management, among others.

Catalog Number: NovaWire-VGCF-C75, NovaWire-VGCF-C150
Diameter: ~75nm (C75), ~150nm (C150)
Length: ~6µm
Purity: ~99.95wt%
Surface area: ~20m2/g (C75), ~15m2/g (C150)
Resistivity: <8mΩ·cm
Metal content: <100ppm
Appearance: black powder


Vapor-grown carbon fibers (VGCFs) are employed across various industries as follows:

  • Composite material reinforcement: VGCFs are widely used to enhance the mechanical properties of plastics, metals, and ceramics. In sectors like automotive and aerospace, VGCF composites are crucial for developing components that are both lighter and stronger, capable of enduring extreme conditions.
  • Electrically conductive composites: VGCFs exhibit high electrical conductivity, making them ideal for applications such as electromagnetic interference (EMI) shielding, antistatic materials, and conductive adhesives.
  • Energy Storage Devices: In lithium-ion batteries, VGCFs are utilized as conductive additives for electrodes, improving the overall conductivity and performance of the battery.
  • Thermal management: VGCFs are widely utilized in electronic devices, batteries, and thermal interface materials to facilitate efficient heat dissipation.
  • Filtration systems: Leveraging their high surface area and chemical stability, VGCFs are used in filtration applications to remove contaminants from gases and liquids.


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NovaWire-VGCF-C75, NovaWire-VGCF-C150


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